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① Exclusive patent technology

New type of environmental protection wall decoration board uses the leading technology, with the national patent, energy saving, environmental protection, wide range of uses, the price is competitive, the advantages are obvious, the market prospect is broad.

② Operation support

The company provides free of charge in the early stage of the design, construction guidance, free of charge to provide shopping guide, installation of training and a variety of styles of product applications.

③ Regional protection

Company to the area set up the regional exclusive agent, avoid changing phenomenon, ensure sales agents market.

④ The business supplies

Image of agents store opened, the company will provide complete samples, promotional materials, and relevant certificates, for the opening of new stores to provide support.

⑤ After sale service.

Single, documentary, product quality issues to solve the channel, the problem of feedback channels, each link will have a special responsibility to communicate with you, and to provide customers with perfect service.    咨询热线:众彩彩票,众彩彩票实名注册和首存充值都有豪礼相送,可提现